Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos is the author of “Trapped Inside Humanity” the first book of her new Angel Series. She has also written “Angel: The Memories of Eden and Earth” and “V Servi Dei,” which act as novellas surrounding the same story of “Trapped Inside Humanity.”

Bernice has known she was in the 5th grade that she wanted to become a writer. She loved to read and was passionate and determined that she could become the author of her destiny. Like any other, she has been through trials and tribulations with finding her niche, but once she found it, she excelled.

In this episode, we talk about her journey of writing, from 5th-grade edits to poetry and writing contests, to sticking papers in a drawer, and finally to working with Red Penguin to publish her works!

“Trapped Inside Humanity” follows the story and alliance of Master Anu Du’Shun and Angel Quinn Reynolds as they find a way to overcome boundaries and save the lives of the species they are obligated to protect or face their ultimate downfall. If you want to read a daring and sexy novel that centers around the supernatural, from angels to vampires, look no further!

Readers and fans are absolutely loving this book and can’t wait for the rest of the series!

Check out Bernice’s “Trapped Inside Humanity” on Amazon!

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