Danny A. Ingellis

Author Danny Ingellis is a former Detective in the District Attorney’s Squad in NYC and has always had a penchant for discovering the truth. Ingellis has lived an incredibly full and brave life, whether as a combat veteran of both the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm, or in his professional career—when Ingellis became the personal bodyguard to Richmond County District Attorney William Murphy, where he donated his own kidney to save Murphy’s life. Now retired, Ingellis focuses on photography, which has also proved to be a successful field for Ingellis, with his own photos appearing in books and newspapers.

Ingellis conducted his research on the thirty-five Negro Leaguers inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame at the request of sportswriter Andy Mele, who planned on writing a book about them. Sadly, Mele unexpectedly passed away, so Ingellis knew what he had to do. He set out to fulfill his friend’s dream and complete this book on the inductees whose stories needed to be shared, now more than ever.

Ingellis currently lives on Staten Island and recently celebrated his fiftieth anniversary with his beautiful wife Marie. They have two beloved children, Michelle and Erica, and are the proud grandparents of Jack and Dakota

“Deferred Glory: Heroes of the Negro Baseball Leagues” is about the lives, struggles, and desires of negroes to one day become professional baseball players in the Major Leagues. During this period of their lives, these players while playing in the Negro League endured tough traveling to ballparks in cities both in the South and North in order to play baseball. They suffered through segregation mostly in the South both on and off the field. These men withstood horrible treatment because of their dreams to become Major League, baseball players. Eventually, these thirty-five players and executives were inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Unfortunately many were inducted posthumously.

In this episode of “The Author Corner” we discuss with Danny about how he came to write his book, along with the history, relationships, perseverance, and struggles of the important baseball players he researched.

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