William John Rostron

William Roston is a very accomplished and successful author from Queens, NY who joins us on “The Author Corner” to delve into why he became an author and discuss his trilogy.

He has been internationally successful with his newest trilogy featuring “Band in the Wind,” “Sound of Redemption,” and “Brotherhood of Forever.” “Band in the Wind” is about a band in the 1960s that is on the cusp of success. It follows this band and grabs readers’ attention with its perfect blend of nostalgia, emotions, entertainment, and culture!

Whether he is staying in his Long Island home or traveling in his Tiffin Allegro motorhome, William always finds time to write. In his last career, William was a teacher of all ages, inspiring everyone he met during it all.

Some of his most notable achievements as a writer have been that he has published over two dozen non-fiction articles in newspapers and magazines, been presented an award by Nelson DeMille for his historical fiction short story, “The Last Artifact,” and, his short pieces have in published in four consecutive Red Penguin anthologies: “Someday We’ll Laugh About This” in A Trip for the Books, “Crossroads” in I Can’t Find My Flashlight, “When the Music’s Over” in Memories, and “In the Garden of Eden” in The Beauty Within. Another one of his short pieces “Pretty Flamingo” was given the prestige of being read and performed in 2018 on stage in NYC after being accepted into the Visible Ink Anthologies. As an encore, “In the Garden of Eden” was performed in 2019.

Most recently, his short work “Ava’s Bubble” was read by Tony and Emmy nominee Victor Garber on a nationally televised streaming show. He is also in the process of working on a novel, “Lost in the Wind,” and an anthology, “A Flamingo Under the Carousel.”

Be sure to check out William Rostron’s website for the most up-to-date info on his newest publications!


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