Paul DiSclafani

The ever-successful columnist and author Paul DiSclafani, and friend Bruce Oehler, “Mr. B,” joins us on a lovely episode of The Author Corner to discuss his first novel! Paul has won awards for his writing for the Anton News Group and the Massapequa Observer’s “Long Island Living.”

Although he has been living in Massapequa since 1967, Paul had his roots in the East New York section of Brooklyn, growing up surrounded by a large and loving Italian family. Many of his columns and reflections tell of family gatherings and touch on all aspects of life today. Paul and his wife Barbara have also been blessed with two great kids, James and Kevin.

“Burning Through the West Coast”, which was released in October 2020, was his first novel. The lively novel features a real account of, the author, Paul (Disco) DiSclafani, his cousin, Sal (The Catman) and their friend, Bruce (Mr. B), as he brings you back to those carefree days in the late ‘70’s, as they venture on trip through Southern California and Arizona with 6,000 Miles to go, 576 Beers, 4 states, 3 Guys from the East Coast, and a bag of weed!

Learn more about Paul on his website!

Check out Paul’s high-spirited novel, “Burning Through the West Coast” on Amazon!

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