Michael O’Keefe

Michael O’Keefe is a retired 1st Grade Detective from the NYPD. For twenty-four years, he worked in the toughest neighborhoods in New York, specializing in investigating Homicides and other violent crimes. He was born and raised on the mean streets described in his fiction. His
characters and settings are drawn from the people he encountered there—on both sides of the law. Shot to Pieces is his first novel, published this July. He is presently near completion on two others. He lives on Long Island with his family, where he writes a little, and practices the ancient martial arts of lawn, and swimming pool maintenance—when he is not coaching football.
“A Reckoning in Brooklyn” is the newest historical crime thriller by Michael O’Keefe. This captivating novel is about Bushwick Brooklyn in the 1970s. With the Mafia running the show, the neighborhood was a cesspool of drugs, violence, and depravity. Our protagonists, Butchie Bucciogrosso, an Italian cop returning from Vietnam to find his nome in shambles, and Fast Eddie Curran, his partner from Belfast, have to work together to take down the Mafia. These two cops are the only ones who are genuine enough to try to combat the Mafia and all the organizations they are affiliated and connected with, including their own department. With their lives and their families’ lives hanging in the balance, will Butchie and Eddie be able to overcome the death-defying challenges that lie ahead? Check out “A Reckoning in Brooklyn” to read about all of the suspenseful twists and turns that Butchie and Eddie have to work around to save their town.


For more information on Author Michael O”Keefe, check out his website at https://www.michaelokeefeauthor.com/

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