Jan Alexander

Jan Alexander is a fiction and non-fiction author, who focuses heavily on how globalism and technology are forever changing our world. Jan is highly successful as a business writer and editor who expounds on culture, society, business strategy, economics, the rise of China, and so much more. She has written for countless notable publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, Money, Worth, Robb Report, Institutional Investor, and Strategy+Business.

In this episode of the Author Corner, we discuss Jan Alexander’s newest book, “Ms. Ming’s Guide to Civilization.” Her book follows Ming, a young and determined girl born in a small village in China, who meets a supernatural talking monkey, the Immortal Monkey King. After this chance encounter, it is certain that they will meet again. Ming grows up and makes her way to America, where she finds herself in some trouble. To escape her woes, Ming travels back to China with her friend Zoe to find her old immortal friend and change China forever. They work together to rid capitalism and spur creativity and ingenuity.

“Ms. Ming’s Guide to Civilization,” a Leapfrog Press Fiction Prize semi-finalist, tells a fascinating story about magic, capitalism, politics, happiness, human nature, and more through detailed and tenacious characters and an interesting story. It is through her book that Jan proves that every action does in fact have an equal and opposite reaction.

Jan Alexander is also the author of “Getting to Lamma” and the co-author of “Bad Girls of the Silver Screen,” while also publishing book reviews, short fiction, and author interviews of her own.

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