Linda Trott Dickman

Linda Trott Dickman, an accomplished, impassioned, and insightful poet joins us on “The Author Corner” to discuss with us how she got her to start writing poetry, her books “Road Trip,” “Robes: The Art Of Being Covered,” and “The Air That I Breathe,” and much more. Linda has been writing for many years and eventually moved to the beautiful art form of poetry. Since she was little, Linda knew that she wanted to be a teacher and teach the young minds of this generation. Afterward, she became a school librarian to really get the best of both worlds, surrounded by teaching and books every day. After retiring, one day Linda looked at an AOL chatroom and from there she became a published writer! Linda proves that you are never too old to pursue your dreams. She received a lot of well-deserved encouragement to continue writing, learning and submitting poetry and books and it led her to great success!

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