Mark Torres

Mark Torres is a husband, father, attorney, and internationally known author who delves into the suspenseful world of murder, mystery, and injustice. Mark uses his real experience as an attorney to help him create genuine stories that captivate readers through their thrilling and intricate details, and their complex characters that deal not only with murder and justice, but also with questions of love, self-reflection, and sacrifice.

In his newest novel, “Adeline,” we see Savoy Graves and his unwavering passion for justice as he investigates the mysterious circumstances in which a young woman, wrongfully committed to an infamous mental institution, passes away. His investigation leads him down a dark hole, but that doesn’t stop Savoy Graves.

Mark became internationally known thanks to his premiere novel “A Stirring in the North Fork,” a gripping tale that follows Savoy Graves, an out-of-work attorney, as he tries to solve a murder that took place four decades prior. Mark also wrote a children’s book focused on the education of labor unions and their importance, social justice, and more titled “Good Guy Jake.”

“Adeline” is available on Amazon in multiple formats:

On Mark’s second visit to our lovely show, we discussed his newest 2021 historical novel “Long Island Migrant Labor Camps: Dust for Blood.”

This novel exposes the shocking history of Long Island’s migrant labor camps from their inception to their peak in 1960 and their steady decline in the following decades.

Outlining the gruesome conditions that people lived and worked in, deceived by the promises of a better life, this novel is a must-read!
To better understand the plight and truth of what went on in Long Island, before we knew it today, Mark Torres teaches the reader about U.S. Immigrant History, and as one five-star reviewer noted “provides insight to an almost forgotten struggle.”

 Find “Long Island Migrant Labor Camps: Dust for Blood” on Amazon!

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